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Welcome To Home And Life Design!  Tools And Techniques To Energize Your Space And Revitalize Your Life!

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Here you will find information and resources to  inspire and empower;     The Emotion Code, Space Clearing and  Feng Shui  all tools and techniques that can transform your  space, create balance in your life and help you create and manifest the life you desire and deserve!

During  these changing times many people are experiencing numerous challenges and feeling a great deal of uncertainty.  There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to meet all of the demands that are placed upon us, let alone find the time to take care of ourselves.

How does one maintain a sense of peace and balance? essay components fitness   One approach is to take a look at things from an energetic perspective.   We are energy – as is everything around us and we are all connected. Every person, place and object carries or holds a particular frequency or vibration and following the Law of Attraction where “like attracts like”  will attract to it objects, people and situations of a a similar “like” vibration.

Take our homes for example, we are not separate from the environment that surrounds us,  and the quality of the spaces we spend the most time in – our homes, bedrooms, and working offices – can deeply impact our energy level, moods and interactions with others.

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Our homes and work places are energy attractors that may or may not be serving what it is we want to bring into our lives.    Feng Shui and Space Clearing are amazing tools to create a positive and supportive environment that can help shift and transform one’s life.

Throughout life, many people are faced with certain challenges and difficulties.  These difficult and emotional situations often create  energetic blocks within us  in the form of Trapped Emotions.  These Trapped Emotions can interfere with the healthy flow of life force energy in the body.  They can have a negative affect on our physical, emotional and mental well being;  They can  cause depression, anxiety and other emotional problems, affect our relationships as well as our ability to express who we truly are.

The Emotion Code is an amazing  healing  technique developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, it is a process used to  easily identify and release these trapped emotions.   Essentially, it is a way of letting go a lot of old baggage easily and effortlessly!


At  Home and Life Design we hope to inspire and empower you to create an environment that nurtures all those you welcome into your space and into your life!