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In Person or Proxy Session by Telephone or Skype

Essay components fitness, Diaper disposable email nappies pants paper producer report research

A report will be provided following each session,  listing the Trapped Emotions that were identified and released, as well as the age it occurred and any other pertinent information.


 10% Discount If Purchasing Multiple Sessions.

Sessions run on average  35 to 40 minutes.

Schedule Your Session Today!

**Guarantee:  If for some reason you are not satisfied after your first session, just let me know and your fee will be refunded.




In Person, On-Site


Sessions run on average  90 to 120 minutes.

Schedule Your Session Today!

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While you may want to consult with a Space Clearing Professional to clear your home or office,  here are a few Space Clearing  Techniques you can learn to do yourself:


Open the windows to let in fresh air, clean and remove clutter

Anytime you do this you are removing negative energy!


Smudge using incense such as sage, cedar and sweet-grasscompare and contrast essay for the birds

Smudging is a Native American tradition,  where herbs are burned and the smoke is used to clear and purify a person, space or object.   You usually can find these  herbs (sold loosely or bundled as smudge sticks) at your local natural e commerce case study with solution store, alternative bookstore or on-line.    Using a flameproof bowl (I use an abalone shell, also a Native American Tradition) light the smudge stick, blow it out and let is smolder.   With the stick on one hand and your bowl in your other hand under the stick, walk around the room in a clockwise direction.  Visualize the negative energy being cleared out and your room being filled with positive vibrant energy.


As an alternative to burning incense you can also try copier paper musical watermarked


Liquid Smudge

What is wonderful about liquid smudge is that it is packaged in small spray bottles,  you can carry it with you and use anywhere.   I happen to use Blue Eagle Invocation™ Liquid Smudge  .  This product contains essential oils and  is based on an ancient formula used for centuries by many indigenous cultures to purify themselves and their sacred spaces.


Sounddaughters american revolution essay espionage winners oak

The vibration of sound can be used to break up and disperse negative energy.   Hand clapping, bells, drums, gongs, singing bowls, chanting,  or any musical instrument, whatever suits you.   I have Tingsha bells that I use in my Space Clearing sessions, I happen to love their sound.     Again what you want to do is walk around the room in clockwise direction and as you ring the bell, bang your drum (or use whatever instrument you have) visualize the space filling with vibrant positive energy.

Why not try a few of these Space Clearing techniques  and discover for yourself  the positive results!

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What Is The Emotion Code?

Whenever we experience negative emotions and we are unable to process them in loving an supportive environment, they become trapped in our bodies.

A Trapped Emotion,  may be the result of  painful or difficult situations that you’ve experienced.  They can also be inherited from ancestors (through DNA) or even absorbed from someone around you.

These trapped emotions create distortions in your energy field, they are like balls of energy, vibrating at different frequencies depending on what the emotion is.   These trapped emotions can interfere with the healthy flow of life force energy in the body.   They lower our vibration and can have a negative affect on our physical, emotional and mental well-being;  They can  cause  depression, anxiety and other emotional problems, affect our relationships as well as our ability to fully express who we truly are.

The Emotion Code is an energy healing technique created and developed by  a chiropractic doctor, medical intuitive and author  Dr. Bradley Nelson.  This system uses muscle testing (which is a way of getting answers from ones subconscious) to identify  which emotions a person has trapped in their body or if they are inherited, absorbed and whether they may have a Heart Wall.


What Is A Heart Wall?

These Negative Emotional energies (Trapped Emotions) can accumulate around the heart.  The subconscious mind often takes those energies and forms an energy-wall around the heart.  This ‘Heart-Wall’ blocks from us giving and receiving love, and from reaching our full potential.

Removing the Heart-Wall from people causes significant changes to occur for them, including the disappearance of physical problems, depression, emotional challenges and difficulties, and more.

Clearing  the Heart-Wall often results in people falling in love for the first time, or falling more deeply in love with the person they are with, and often results in a deep sense of peace and an enhanced ability to feel positive emotions such as joy and happiness.

Releasing the trapped emotions and heart walls related to a past event can free a person from pain so that they can move forward in life. Basically, it is a way of letting go and releasing a lot of old baggage!



As a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner,   I am able to use Muscle Testing to tap into the higher intelligence of your body and your subconscious mind to find emotions that are trapped and need to be released.  It is effortless in that you don’t have to recall or  relive the event or emotion.   The emotion is then easily released  by running a magnet  down the governing meridian of your back.

The Emotion Code can be done with people as well as animals, it can done both  in-person and by proxy (long-distance by phone).

A typical Emotion Code Session takes approximately  35 to 40 minutes, releasing on average about 15 to 18 trapped emotions.   When working on clearing a Heart Wall it takes an average of  4 to 6 sessions.

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alzheimers disease term paperEverything physical on this earth – human beings included – is  made up of a combination of the elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.  Therefore, our home or workplace is most comfortable when there is a balance of all five elements.

Below is a list of each Element, its characteristic/ energy type, and examples of various objects, shapes and colors that are representative of each.


Earth: The Energy of Stabilityadmission essay custom writing custom essay writing com

In Feng Shui theory, the earth represents stability in your life. It helps you to stay rooted and grounded in your relationship.  Have you ever heard of someone who is “down to Earth?” The Earth element brings a feeling of stability and security to your home. Mother Earth nurtures all who live on it and within it. The same goes for the earth element in your home – it nourishes each family member.

The colors associated with the earth element are beige and a light shade of yellow. Light colors like these on walls will lighten up a space and make you feel as if anything is possible.

Fire: The Energy of Expansionessay on behavior problems

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of this element? Maybe it’s the heat or a passionate feeling. Both words are used to describe the Feng Shui fire element.

The fire element also adds a high amount of energy to anything that you do. This includes your work (career), your leisure activities and for couples, your sex life.

As you might imagine, colors associated with the fire element are red and orange.  These colors will make your heart race and feed your energetic attitude.

Wood:  The Energy of Growth and Expansioncosmetic surgery essay thesis

In Feng Shui, the wood element is an ancient symbol of prosperity. Trees are made of wood and they contain lush green leaves and provide an abundance of oxygen for the people of the world. In keeping with these “life givers” the colors for this element are greens, blues, browns.  So, it’s not a coincidence that money is green!

Metal: The Energy of Contractioncontrast words essay

In Feng Shui, metal brings clarity to your life. Metal is used to represent efficiency and clarity of mind and purpose. Your work will have both a well-defined purpose and good qualities when the metal element is present.  The colors gray and white represent these qualities.

Water: The Energy of Stillnessbelieve essays best

Water is an element that represents abundance and a refreshing spirit.

Water flows freely bringing with it an abundance of good fortune. In ancient rituals of many cultures, water was used as a purifying agent. Using the water element in your home adds purity, abundance of energy and a fresh feeling.

The Five Elements interact with each other in what is referred to as a Creative or Nourishing Cycle and a Destructive or Controlling Cycle.

Creative or Nourishing Cycle

In the nourishing cycle or creative cycle, the Elements support, strengthen one another.  For example:

Destructive or Controlling Cycle

In the destructive or controlling cycle the elements dominate or control one another.

For example:

The destructive cycle is not necessarily a negative one; it is useful to understand and is used to create balance in a space where one particular element may dominate.

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eid ul adha essay for kidsHave you ever entered into a space and it just didn’t feel quite right?  Perhaps you have walked into a room following an argument and could actually feel the tension in the air, that  ” it was so thick you could cut it with a knife!”

Well energy is a physical thing and the energy of our surroundings can affect our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Our spaces hold energetic imprints that may be the result of metaphysical disturbances such as  past events, trauma or illness as well as  negative thoughts and emotions from current and/or previous occupants.

The energy of our space may  be unbalanced as a result of geophysical disturbances: noxious earth energies that include  electromagnetic and geopathic stress. A result of  distortions or disturbances within the earth’s grid system.

Studies have shown that these noxious earth energies are linked to a variety of health problems and illnesses such as cancer,  autoimmune disorders, migraines, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, increase ADD, digestive problems.

A Space Clearing /Energy Clearing  is a way to neutralize, balance and realign the energies of your environment to create a more harmonious and healthy space.


Benefits of Space Clearing – Energy Clearing

Christan Hummel,  Founder of Earth Transitions  states it so well… 

The benefits of clearing the old, stagnant vibrations and energies of one’s home or office are so numerous.  In short, you can expect that every aspect of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life will be enhanced with a space clearing session. Scientific studies reveal that clearing sessions increase plant and crop growth as well.  After a space clearing, there is often an increase in the “flow” of energy in the environment including finances, and also a reduction in the feelings of struggle, trauma, and conflict, and a general sense of well-being, peace and ease.

Benefits Noticed from Space Clearing:

Most cultural traditions have specific ways and methods for clearing space.  I practice the art of dowsing to tune in, identify and transmute the energetic disturbances that have a negative impact on you.  Then with your intention in mind we work to balance and uplift the energy within the space, creating a harmonious environment that will have a positive influence on you.


A  Space Clearing session usually takes on average to 2 hours,  depending on the size of the space.  Consultations are available on an hourly basis or in conjunction with a essay infrequently used words.



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disorganized schizophrenia case studiesWhat Is Feng Shui?   Feng Shui (pronounced “fung shway”) is a powerful tool used to assess, adjust and create a harmonious and balanced environment.

Feng Shui derives from the I Ching,  or Book of Changes and has been practiced for thousands of years.  It is a tool used to understand the relationship between people and the spaces they live or work in.

In Feng Shui it is believed that certain parts of the home correspond to key aspects of one’s life.  The practice of Feng Shui involves looking at your goals, aspirations as well as any challenges or obstacles that you may be facing.  A tool called a Bagua (map) is used to analyze your space to identify what is going on in your life.

compare and contrast essay between two stories

The Bagua (Ba-gua) map that is superimposed over the floor plan of your home, property, room or office.  Each area or “gua” has a governing element,  energy and color and corresponds to different aspects of your life: health; wealth; fame/reputation; marriage/relationship; children/creativity; travel; career; and knowledge.

You can use the Bagua to map out the entire home or to map out a single room.

Your space is then assessed for:  Chi Flow, Balance of Yin and Yang and the Balance of the Five Elements

Chi  Flow

Things flow more smoothly when we align ourselves the natural energy of the Universe.

Ideally, the energy “chi” should not be hindered in any way; It should flow easily into and meander throughout your space, filling it with positive energy.  The energy comes in mainly from the front door, the “mouth of chi”.  It shouldn’t move too fast or become stagnate.

When the “chi” is ideal and flowing freely, it will bring about positive circumstances in your life.  If on the other hand, you have overgrown bushes by your front door, or clutter in your entry way, the energy flow will becomes disrupted and depleted, creating disharmony within the environment and in turn  affecting those that live in the home.


eighty character lines text essayYin/Yang

Yin and Yang is the concept of duality; the balance between two extremes, opposite yet complimentary forces that exist in everything.   Yin symbolizes the feminine, receptive aspect of life and Yang symbolizes the masculine, active side.

Most people are comfortable when their environment strikes a balance.   For example, a room that has too much yang, high ceilings, a lot of windows, bright colors, sparsely furnished, sharp angles, may feel sterile or cold.  Conversely, a room that is too yin, a room that is dark with a lot of furniture, knick knacks, heavy drapes, lots of patterns, may feel claustrophobic.

Below are a few examples of the qualities of Yin and Yang:

YIN                                                   YANG

Feminine                                        Masculine
Earth                                                Sky
Moon                                               Sun
Cool/Cold                                      Warm/Hot Dark
Soft                                                   Hard
Curved                                            Straight
Rounded                                        Angular


Five Elements

Every physical thing is  made up of a combination of the elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.  Therefore, our home or workplace is most comfortable when there is a balance of all five elements.

Below is a list of each Element, its characteristic/ energy type, and examples of various objects, shapes and colors that are representative of each.  description of new york city essay


Earth: The Energy of Stability&ie=UTF8&linkCode=as2&tag=jeahaydes-20">emotional intelligence essays and term paper



Fire:  The Energy of Expansiondavid sedaris stories essays





Wood:  The Energy of Growth and Expansion&ie=UTF8&linkCode=as2&tag=jeahaydes-20">creative introductions for research papers



Metal: The Energy of Contractiondissertation jens muller



Water: The Energy of Stillnessaboriginal canada colonization decolonization essay in vs


The Five Elements interact with each other in what is referred to as a Creative or Nourishing Cycle and a Destructive or Controlling Cycle.  For more information please read my article The Five Elements




Once your space is analyzed and goals and intentions identified, adjustments/ enhancements are made to the corresponding area (Gua).   These adjustments and enhancements may include the rearrangement of furniture, adding color, or the placement of artwork and/or meaningful and symbolic objects.

As you practice Feng Shui you will soon see your environment reflect back to your life and vice versa.   This is a result of Law of Attraction at work and how “like attracts like”.

Feng Shui is a fascinating and powerful way to create a nurturing and supportive environment and when aligned with your intentions, will help you achieve your goals and aspirations, manifesting the life that you deserve.

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best way to start a comparison and contrast essayWe all have our favorite colors. With the art of feng shui, the use of color takes on an importance beyond whether we like it or not.  Learn how color plays a role in your home’s tranquility.

There are five elements that are essential to feng shui:  fire, wood, metal, earth and wind. Each element is associated with a color or a group of similar colors that represent its energy. You’ll be surprised to see where you favorite color turns up.


Earth – In feng shui theory, the earth represents stability in your life. It helps you to stay rooted and grounded in your relationships. The colors associated with the earth element are beige and a light shade of yellow. Light colors like these on walls will lighten up a space and make you feel as if anything is possible.


Fire – What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of this element? Maybe it’s the heat or a passionate feeling. Both words are used to describe the feng shui fire element. As you might imagine, colors associated with the fire element are red, orange, bright yellow, pink and purple. If you think that pink doesn’t seem to fit, you haven’t seen the “hot” variation. All of these colors will make your heart race and feed your energetic attitude.


Wood – In feng shui, the wood element is an ancient symbol of prosperity. Trees are made of wood and they contain lush green leaves and provide an abundance of oxygen for the people of the world. In keeping with these “life givers” the colors for this element are green and brown.  So, it’s not a coincidence that money is green!


Metal – If you’ve ever looked at metal you see how it has definite lines and shapes. In feng shui, metal brings clarity to your life. The colors gray and white represent these qualities.


Water – Water is an element that represents abundance and a refreshing spirit. When you bathe in water it makes you feel clean. Using the colors of blue and black in your home promotes that purity.


Don’t be afraid to add color in your home or office. How and where you use each color is governed by the feng shui energy map of your living area (BaGua).  You may have never thought that red could be an energizing force in your home but according to feng shui principles, it can.  Color isn’t just for the walls but also the artwork, furniture and accents.  It inspires your dreams, opens your hearts and brings new life into your home.


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bart giamatti essay baseballWelcome to Home and Life Design.  As an Interior Designer I have always enjoyed the creative process of transforming a space,  both aesthetically and energetically.   For me the study and practice of Feng Shui,  Space Clearing   and The Emotion Code were a  natural progression that bridged my interior design background with my interest and passion about understanding the “energetic space” that flows through and around us.   By shifting the energy of  one’s space – whether it be your physical surroundings or your own personal energy field – you not only change the way you feel,  you can transform your life.


My name is Jean Hayes and  I am both a  Certified Emotion Code and Feng Shui  Practitioner.   I have created Home and Life Design so that I may share with you  the tools, techniques and resources to help you live your best life.  My hope is that this information will inspire and empower you.

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discursive essay christmasDo you desire a loving relationship? Does your relationship lack romance? Are you looking to start a new relationship and want to keep the romantic fires from dying out over time?  Feng Shui may be your answer;  here are a few tips that can help.

In Feng Shui, the bedroom is considered one of the most important rooms in the home. Your bedroom should be welcoming, restful and sumptuous, a room we truly enjoy. The environment of our bedroom impacts every area of our lives. If we can not rest and enjoy a good night’s sleep in our bedroom everything else in our life will suffer as a result.

Location of the Bed

antithesis of the lawPosition your bed so that you can see the entry door when you are laying or sitting in bed.    You do not want the foot of the bed in direct line with the door.  The best position is to place the bed diagonally across from the door.   If you are unable to see the door from the bed, place a mirror where it will reflect anyone entering.   If your bed has to be positioned where you can see into the bathroom, keep the bathroom door closed.

Ideally beds should be raised off the floor and the area under your bed clear and free from clutter.  Stuff (old clothes, magazines, books, etc) creates stagnate energy.   In Feng Shui we want the energy to flow easily and freely.    Having said that, there are many people living in small spaces where storage is a premium.  If you must use the area under your bed as storage, keep it neatly organized by storing everything in boxes that are clearly labeled.

Open the windows

Let in some fresh air! You can not have good Feng Shui in your bedroom if you are breathing in stale, polluted air.


Lighting is one of the most cost-effective ways to enhance your environment.  The right lighting can make a small or uninviting space feel alive, welcoming and tranquil.   Lighting will illuminate and uplift the energy of a space, activating stagnant energy.

Consider using a dimmer switch to control the desired level of light in your anne bradstreet and edward taylor essaysroom.  Candles add warm, ambient lighting to a space.  Candlelight adds romance and also invokes peace and tranquility.   Be sure to use naturally made candles like those made with 100% soy or beeswax.  According to the EPA, other candles made of paraffin contain chemicals that emit harmful toxins in to the air.

curtn the dissertation the wu thesis mixfiendA Rose Quartz Crystal Lamp is a wonderful lighting fixture to use in the bedroom.   Rose Quartz is the quintessential stone of love, it activates the heart chakra and clears the emotional body, helping to release emotional patterns that are keeping one stuck.  Rose Quartz will fill the entire space with its gentle energies of love – great to use in attracting that loving relationship.  Make sure you have a pair of them.

Reposition Mirrors

Mirrors in the bedroom should not face the bed.  Mirrors are ‘chi activators’ and in the bedroom we want the energy to be soothing.   If you must have a mirror place it in a position where you can’t see it when are laying or sitting in bed.

Remove Electronic Equipment

Your bedroom is a place of relaxation and rejuvenation. Working on your computer or watching television detracts from the main function of the bedroom; In addition, the harmful electromagnetic waves that are generated from the electronic equipment can have an adverse effect on those sleeping in the room…  If you need have your computer or television in your bedroom, use a cabinet that you can close or cover with a decorative throw to hide it when not in use.

Feng Shui Color in the Bedroomaction research paper for teachers

As far as color I always recommend choosing colors that you really like, colors that make you feel good.  In the bedroom it is suggested that you choose “soothing, calm colors” rather than say a bright bold red or hot pink, these colors are too stimulating for the bedroom. However, these reds, pinks and corals (representing the fire element) are great accent colors to introduce into your bedroom.  Perhaps a few red throw pillow, or a rose colored throw for the bed.  The red spectrum of color adds passion and sizzle.

Bedroom Decorating

Images in your bedroom should be in pairs, your bedroom is a sanctuary for you and your partner. Replace photos of your children and other family members with photos of you and your partner. If you are single use photos or images that evoke a loving relationship, perhaps a framed love poem or artwork depicting love and romance.

According to the Feng Shui Bagua, the far right corner of a room is the Relationship Area (Gua). Decorate the Relationship corner of the bedroom using pairs of objects, for example a pair of candlesticks, a pair of table lamps.  Decorate with objects and art that are meaningful to you and call forth what it is you are seeking to bring into your life.

For example, if you are single and have only 1 night stand beside your bed, add another one to place on the opposite side of the bed.  Let the universe know that you are making room for that special to come into your life!

Where your intention goes, energy flows….


Bagua (Ba-gua) is a tool used to analyze the energy of any given space. In Feng Shui it is believed that certain parts of the home correspond to key aspects of one’s life.

The Bagua is a map that can be superimposed over the floor plan of your home or a single room.

Each section “gua” has a governing element, color and energy that correspond to different aspects of your life: health; wealth; fame/reputation; marriage/relationship; children/creativity; travel; career; and knowledge.

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