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acid rain essay in englishWelcome to Home and Life Design.  As an Interior Designer I have always enjoyed the creative process of transforming a space,  both aesthetically and energetically.   For me the study and practice of Feng Shui,  Space Clearing   and The Emotion Code were a  natural progression that bridged my interior design background with my interest and passion about understanding the “energetic space” that flows through and around us.   By shifting the energy of  one’s space – whether it be your physical surroundings or your own personal energy field – you not only change the way you feel,  you can transform your life.


My name is Jean Hayes and  I am both a  Certified Emotion Code and Feng Shui  Practitioner.   I have created Home and Life Design so that I may share with you  the tools, techniques and resources to help you live your best life.  My hope is that this information will inspire and empower you.

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