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essay components fitnessWe all have our favorite colors. With the art of feng shui, the use of color takes on an importance beyond whether we like it or not.  Learn how color plays a role in your home’s tranquility.

There are five elements that are essential to feng shui:  fire, wood, metal, earth and wind. Each element is associated with a color or a group of similar colors that represent its energy. You’ll be surprised to see where you favorite color turns up.


Earth – In feng shui theory, the earth represents stability in your life. It helps you to stay rooted and grounded in your relationships. The colors associated with the earth element are beige and a light shade of yellow. Light colors like these on walls will lighten up a space and make you feel as if anything is possible.


Fire – What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of this element? Maybe it’s the heat or a passionate feeling. Both words are used to describe the feng shui fire element. As you might imagine, colors associated with the fire element are red, orange, bright yellow, pink and purple. If you think that pink doesn’t seem to fit, you haven’t seen the “hot” variation. All of these colors will make your heart race and feed your energetic attitude.


Wood – In feng shui, the wood element is an ancient symbol of prosperity. Trees are made of wood and they contain lush green leaves and provide an abundance of oxygen for the people of the world. In keeping with these “life givers” the colors for this element are green and brown.  So, it’s not a coincidence that money is green!


Metal – If you’ve ever looked at metal you see how it has definite lines and shapes. In feng shui, metal brings clarity to your life. The colors gray and white represent these qualities.


Water – Water is an element that represents abundance and a refreshing spirit. When you bathe in water it makes you feel clean. Using the colors of blue and black in your home promotes that purity.


Don’t be afraid to add color in your home or office. How and where you use each color is governed by the feng shui energy map of your living area (BaGua).  You may have never thought that red could be an energizing force in your home but according to feng shui principles, it can.  Color isn’t just for the walls but also the artwork, furniture and accents.  It inspires your dreams, opens your hearts and brings new life into your home.