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acid rain essay in english

While you may want to consult with a Space Clearing Professional to clear your home or office,  here are a few Space Clearing  Techniques you can learn to do yourself:


Open the windows to let in fresh air, clean and remove clutter

Anytime you do this you are removing negative energy!


Smudge using incense such as sage, cedar and sweet-grassessay components fitness

Smudging is a Native American tradition,  where herbs are burned and the smoke is used to clear and purify a person, space or object.   You usually can find these  herbs (sold loosely or bundled as smudge sticks) at your local natural essay about homophobia store, alternative bookstore or on-line.    Using a flameproof bowl (I use an abalone shell, also a Native American Tradition) light the smudge stick, blow it out and let is smolder.   With the stick on one hand and your bowl in your other hand under the stick, walk around the room in a clockwise direction.  Visualize the negative energy being cleared out and your room being filled with positive vibrant energy.


As an alternative to burning incense you can also try compare and contrast essay for the birds


Liquid Smudge

What is wonderful about liquid smudge is that it is packaged in small spray bottles,  you can carry it with you and use anywhere.   I happen to use Blue Eagle Invocation™ Liquid Smudge  .  This product contains essential oils and  is based on an ancient formula used for centuries by many indigenous cultures to purify themselves and their sacred spaces.


Sounde commerce case study with solution

The vibration of sound can be used to break up and disperse negative energy.   Hand clapping, bells, drums, gongs, singing bowls, chanting,  or any musical instrument, whatever suits you.   I have Tingsha bells that I use in my Space Clearing sessions, I happen to love their sound.     Again what you want to do is walk around the room in clockwise direction and as you ring the bell, bang your drum (or use whatever instrument you have) visualize the space filling with vibrant positive energy.

Why not try a few of these Space Clearing techniques  and discover for yourself  the positive results!