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copier paper musical watermarked


daughters american revolution essay espionage winners oakFeng Shui (pronounced “fung shway”) is a powerful tool used to assess, adjust and create a harmonious and balanced environment.  Feng Shui derives from the I Ching,  or Book of Changes and has been practiced for thousands of years.  It is a tool used to understand the relationship between people and the spaces they live or work in.

In Feng Shui it is believed that certain parts of the home correspond to key aspects of one’s life.  The practice of Feng Shui involves looking at your goals, aspirations as well as any challenges or obstacles that you may be facing.  A tool called a Bagua (map) is used to analyze your space to identify what is going on in your life.

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The Bagua (Ba-gua) map that is superimposed over the floor plan of your home, property, room or office.  Each area or “gua” has a governing element,  energy and color and corresponds to different aspects of your life: health; wealth; fame/reputation; marriage/relationship; children/creativity; travel; career; and knowledge.

You can use the Bagua to map out the entire home or to map out a single room.

Your space is then assessed for:  Chi Flow, Balance of Yin and Yang and the Balance of the Five Elements

Chi  Flow

Things flow more smoothly when we align ourselves the natural energy of the Universe.

Ideally, the energy “chi” should not be hindered in any way; It should flow easily into and meander throughout your space, filling it with positive energy.  The energy comes in mainly from the front door, the “mouth of chi”.  It shouldn’t move too fast or become stagnate.

When the “chi” is ideal and flowing freely, it will bring about positive circumstances in your life.  If on the other hand, you have overgrown bushes by your front door, or clutter in your entry way, the energy flow will becomes disrupted and depleted, creating disharmony within the environment and in turn  affecting those that live in the home.

buy research papers onlineeffects of global climate change essayYin/Yang

Yin and Yang is the concept of duality; the balance between two extremes, opposite yet complimentary forces that exist in everything.   Yin symbolizes the feminine, receptive aspect of life and Yang symbolizes the masculine, active side.

Most people are comfortable when their environment strikes a balance.   For example, a room that has too much yang, high ceilings, a lot of windows, buy research papers online bright colors, sparsely furnished, sharp angles, may feel sterile or cold.  Conversely, a room that is too yin, a room that is dark with a lot of furniture, knick knacks, heavy drapes, lots of patterns, may feel claustrophobic.

Below are a few examples of the qualities of Yin and Yang:

YIN                                                   YANG

Feminine                                          Masculine
Earth                                                Sky
Moon                                                Sun
Cool/Cold                                         Warm/Hot Dark
Soft                                                  Hard
Curved                                             Straight
Rounded                                           Angular

Five Elements

Everything physical on this earth – human beings included – are made up of a combination of the elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.  Therefore, our home or workplace is most comfortable when there is a balance of all five elements.

Below is a list of each Element, its characteristic/ energy type, and examples of various objects, shapes and colors that are representative of each.  (see my article The Five Elements for more info)

Earth: The Energy of Stabilityarticle about argumentative essay

Fire: The Energy of Expansion

Wood:  The Energy of Growth and Expansionadmission essay custom writing custom essay writing comessay on behavior problemscosmetic surgery essay thesis

Metal: The Energy of Contractioncontrast words essay

Water: The Energy of Stillness:believe essays best

The Five Elements interact with each other in what is referred to as a Creative or Nourishing Cycle and a Destructive or Controlling Cycle.  For more information please read my article The Five Elements


Once your space is analyzed and goals and intentions identified, adjustments/ enhancements are made to the corresponding area (Gua).   These adjustments and enhancements may include the rearrangement of furniture, adding color, or the placement of artwork and/or meaningful and symbolic objects.

As you practice Feng Shui you will soon see your environment reflect back to your life and vice versa.   This is a result of Law of Attraction at work and how “like attracts like”.

Feng Shui is a fascinating and powerful way to create a nurturing and supportive environment and when aligned with your intentions, will help you achieve your goals and aspirations, manifesting the life that you deserve.